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  • Where should I scan?
    We recommend a well-lit, 6 feet wide area indoors, preferably against a white wall. Make sure furniture and other objects, such as mirrors and pictures, are removed and not seen on screen of your phone.
  • What is good lighting?
    A well-lit area has balanced, even lighting. Avoid direct sunlight and harsh contrast by closing blinds or curtains. Turn on any lights to brighten the area.
  • How should I position my phone during scanning?
    Once you've found your scan area, position your phone at knee-to-waist level about 6 feet from where you will be standing. We recommend placing your phone vertically on a chair. The two levels on the screen will turn green once the phone is in the correct position.
  • Am I able to scan outdoors?
    We do not recommend scanning outdoors.
  • I have a beard, can I scan?"
    Short beards can be scanned without any special preparation. Long beards that fall to the neck can affect the neck measurement, and should be pinned back so the neck can be measured.
  • How often can I scan myself?
    You can scan yourself as often as you like - meausrements from the last scan will be used for custom clothing.
  • Do I need to tie up my hair?
    Long hair should be tied up and off the back of the neck. Hair should be tied into a bun to avoid a ponytail hanging down and obscuring the neck and back.
  • Can I wear my glasses?
    You can wear your glasses during scanning, however try to avoid bright reflections off your glasses, or any shiny surface, during scanning.
  • What should I wear?
    For best results, we recommend that you scan wearing close fitting briefs or compression clothing in contrasting color to the wall that you will be standing in front of. You should be barefoot and remove all accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and watches.
  • Why doesn’t my avatar look like me?
    Our scanning captures only your body shape. To provide anonymity, your face is not captured.
  • What happens to my scan images?
    Your front and side scan images are uploaded into our processing system to create your avatar. When processing is complete, your scan images are deleted.
  • I don't have an internet connection. Can I still scan?
    You will still be able to scan without internet connection, however you will not receive your measurements until you are connected. Our mobile app requires an internet connection in order to process and return your scan results.
  • Why don’t my measurements match when I use a tape measure?
    Factors such as posture placement, compression and breathing will affect your scan measurements compared to manual tape measurements.
  • What phone models are supported?
    Supported phone models: iPhone 7 and later. Android phones 6.0 and later.
  • Can I scan using my tablet or iPad?
    We recommend scanning with supported phone models for the best experience. Tablets running the required operating systems will be able to run our app, however displays and processing speeds may vary.
  • I'm unable to complete a scan. What can I do?
    Please review the instructions carefully and check to make sure you are using a supported device. If you continue to have trouble please contact support.
  • I forgot my password.
    You can reset your password through the settings menu on the home screen.
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