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How does the scanner work?

The Size Stream Body Scanner uses infrared depth sensor technology that is often found in everyday cell phones, laptops, and home interactive video game systems. The same technology that is being used in facial recognition software on personal devices are being used in our scanner to capture your measurements.


What does the scanner see?

The Size Stream Body Scanner is a surface scanner, meaning it only captures the surface of the scan subject. It doesn’t use x-rays like an airport scanner, meaning it cannot see through clothing. Because it only detects surface area, it is important for scan subjects to wear the recommended scanning attire for most accurate measurements.



Is the scanner medically safe?

Unlike security or medical body scanners, there is no risk for radiation using the Size Stream Body Scanner. Our sensors use infrared lasers, which are about as strong as your average laser pointer.

Can a scan subject move during a scan?

It is recommended for the scan subject to stand still but naturally during the scan.

The scanner moves quickly to capture measurements, so it is best to relax the body and breathe as naturally as possible. It is crucial for subjects not to flex or hold their breath as this will alter accuracy in measurements. When a customer flexes or holds their breath, this will often make their waist too small and chest too big for their true fit.

It is important for scan subjects to understand that they need to stand still for about 10 seconds for the best scan possible.



What are the benefits to being scanned? Why should I choose being scanned over traditional measuring methods?

1. Speed

Traditional measuring methods take several minutes to capture a handful measurements, while the body                            scanner can capture a total of 242 points of measure in seconds, with a few minutes of post-processing time.

2. Accuracy

The scanner can consistently capture measurements throughout the day without getting fatigued. And if                            nothing drastic has changed in the scanning environment, the scanner can consistently capture accurate                            measurements each time.

3. Comfort

Many people feel uncomfortable being measured by a stranger. Even if someone was completely comfortable                    with being touched by another person, our body subconsciously reacts to touch by contracting muscles. This                    will change the accuracy of the measurements in critical points such as the chest and waist.

4. Hygiene

The body scanner eliminates the need of close body contact between two people, therefore a completely                            contactless environment. In an apparel market, Size Stream’s size recommendation service replaces the need                    for trying on “worn” garments. During a traditional, off-the-rack shopping experience, multiple customers try on a                garment before its purchased by its final owner.







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