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Mobile Fit and Booth

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Mobile Fit + Booth

Our newest method for capturing body measurements.

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MS1 ipad scanning stand 2
Size Stream Scanning booth

Easily Measure Customers Anywhere

Taking measurements doesn't have to be complicated or invasive. The Mobile Fit App provides faster and more accurate results when compared to hand-measuring alone. With our portable dressing room you can also take your scanning on-the-go to obtain precise measurements from anywhere.

Changing room scanning solution

Fits Into Most Retail Environments

Create an Experience

Move over Future, the Mobile Fit App and Booth is here. This cutting-edge technology is not just body's complete body data! Mobile Fit provides users over 240 individual measurements that are as unique as the person being scanned. This in-turn allows businesses to reduce returns and create patterns specifically for their needs.

Understand Your Customers Better and Increase ROI

By understanding your customers exact body dimensions, businesses are easily able to create an accurate size distribution of everyone being scanned. With more concise scans that produce better-fitting garments the first time around, costs are saved by minimizing returns and multiple rounds of alterations.

In-store booth scanning

Find Your Customer's Perfect Fit

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MS1 ipad scanning stand


iPad Model: 10 inch + Wi-Fi

Scan Time:  <30 SECONDS

Standard Deviation: 1%

Body Measurements:  OVER 240 BODY MEASUREMENTS

Booth Space Requirements: 

HEIGHT:  7.5'  //   WIDTH:  4.5'  //  DEPTH:  6'    


Size Stream Booth Scanning kit

What's Included:

Mobile Fit application

User registration software + Scanning technology

Apple iPad + Variable height mounting Stand


Transportable booth + Roller bag

Booth Scanning solution



In today’s modern world, a contactless experience is a top priority. With our 3D measurement technology, over 240 measurements are captured in a manner of seconds, all while maintaining 6 feet distance between user and associate.


We understand your brand identity and customer journey is most important when creating new ways to grow your business. Our system is fully customizable to reflect your brand image and to fit your customers’ needs.


As technology advances, people expect instant gratification. Our measurement technology is no exception to meet deliverables. Quick to set up, simple for associates to learn, and super-fast to measure your customers.

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