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Formcut Continues to Grow its Solutions

The Formcut scan-to-factory solution, powered by Size Stream, provides apparel brands and retailers a turnkey, private-label solution where customers can digitally measure themselves, as well as configure and purchase made-to-measure clothing within the brand’s Shopify store. 

Formcut Launches Formcut At-Home: Pro

Formcut has taken its full-service Enterprise solution, already used nationally by apparel corporations and entrepreneurs, and made it available – and priced right! – for retailers and brands embracing the made-to-measure clothing space. The Pro version continues to leverage Formcut’s scan-to-factory capabilities, including customizable fits, styles, details, and monogramming, while focusing on making implementation fast and easy by providing private label seasonal clothing collections, tech configurators, and a Shopify integration. 

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In short, the Formcut solution brings first class made-to-measure capabilities to its clients, combining a tailor, designer, and premier factories into a single, off-the-shelf platform. 

Here’s how it works. When a customer shops made-to-measure garments on his favorite retailer’s e-store, he will be prompted to submit his body measurements. If the customer has

already scanned with the retailer (in store or at home), he is ready to configure his selected clothing. If he has not scanned before, he will download the Formcut 3D mobile app to his smartphone, perform a quick scan, and submit his measurements – all within a matter of minutes. He can then return to the retailer’s website to complete his shopping, and his scan is available for all future purchases, both in-store and at-home. 

The Formcut At-Home: Pro solution targets men’s specialty retailers and brands, builds on Formcut’s Enterprise solution, which provides large, national brands and retailers even greater control over the app’s branding and user experience.  

The majority of these US based men’s specialty retailers already partner with Shopify to run their e-businesses. To make adoption of the Formcut solution even easier, Size Stream now offers integration with your Shopify store. This partnership will enhance the customer shopping experience and simplify the retailer’s administrative burden while providing customers with greater personalization in their wardrobes.  

Formcut’s Scan-to-Factory Solution Now Integrates with Leading E-commerce Platform, Shopify, to Bring Even More New Capabilities to its Clients  

Formcut’s integration with leading e-commerce platform, Shopify, will grow and simplify how Formcut clients deliver made-to-measure apparel to their customers. Benefits include: 

  • Unlocking greater flexibility to shop: at-home, on-the-go, and soon inside your favorite specialty retailer.

  • Simplifying how customers shop: one website, one shopping cart, one e-commerce platform. 

  • Keeping customers connected with the client’s brand, in a single online shopping ecosystem.  

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Formcut’s clients will continue to have access to sell a wide assortment of menswear products including dress shirts, polos, sport coats, dress trousers, suits, chinos, and 5-pockets, with plans for additional garments in the near future. Integrating with Shopify will amplify this offering for Formcut’s clients by harnessing Shopify’s capabilities including catalog management, streamlined online checkout, online promotions, and reporting.

In addition to Shopify being the most popular ecommerce solution in the US, apparel partners make up the largest group of users with over 500,000 Shopify stores, making it the obvious choice for integration. Formcut is excited to bring more retailer solutions to its clients, helping its apparel partners continue to grow their business. 

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