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Contact-Free Measuring

for the New World



Our Mission

At Size Stream our mission is to connect your body to better fitting goods and services.

Our 3D measuring technology platform is a fully personalized experience,

leading our world to a more connected future.

EveryBODY connected.

Our Customers Love Us!

"The scanning software has been perfect for our business. We have used this as our primary means of measurements for our bespoke suits and it has been well above what we expected. Would recommend to any business. Thank you Size Stream Team!"

- Ryan, Tuxedo Jones



Data Empowered

Taking a 3D body scan is just the beginning.

Once body measurements are acquired, our platform allows users to share their data with businesses who provide better fitting products and services.
Our data is fully extensible, offering API’s and SDK’s to empower businesses to easily access shared user information and incorporate 3D body data into your customer engagement process.



Industry Specific Solutions

Offering solutions for businesses.

From uniform sizing applications to custom made apparel systems, we provide it all. Hardware, software, and implementation expertise are all included to help your business grow to become 3D body data enabled.



Putting Consumers First

The power of personalization is in the hands of consumers. Our latest 3D body measuring technology allows consumers to get what they want most out of 3D body data: personalization.  From weight loss tracking applications to a digital made to measure apparel shopping experience, this solution offers a fully personal service.

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