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Grow Your Business Using AI-powered Body Data

Size Stream’s platform enables contactless body scanning on a mobile device, allowing you to collect over 240 body measurements for made-to-measure clothing, ready-to-wear sizing, and health & wellness solutions.


Within minutes, your customers can simply and easily capture their body data. Then, our platform empowers you to leverage that data to enhance your business value and drive growth.


Man performing body measurement scan


Man's avatar generated from scanning


Body measurements generated from body scan


Formcut clothing configurator

Scan from your phone, at your business, at home, or on the go.

View avatars generated from over 290,000 data points. 

Access measurement data through our secure portal.

Incorporate our data into your business solutions.


Businesses leverage 
Size Stream's technology 


Successful 3D body scans


Bodies scanned

Our Customers Love Us!

"Size Stream mobile scanning technology enabled us to collect data and compile the first of its kind female firefighter anthropometric database for women's personal protective clothing. The ability to collect body measurements from anywhere with a WiFi connection greatly simplified our data collection efforts. The technology application is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use for both researchers and study participants, enabling us to capture information from remote participants, as well. Having an accurate, accessible, and affordable method that requires a compatible iPad or smartphone contributed to the success of our research."

- Dr. McQuerry, Florida State University

Our Mobile Scanning Solutions

Our scanning solutions are compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices and allow your customers to scan either from your site or the comfort of their home.

Learn more about our mobile applications below!

MeThreeSixty mobile app


A consumer focused app helping you track body changes along your health journey

No photos uploaded to the cloud

No Photos Uploaded to the Cloud

Body composition and other core measurements

Body Composition and Other Core Measurements

Contact-free measurements

Contact-Free Measuring

Minimal scan and processing time

Minimal Scan and Processing Time

Log and track body changes over time

Log and Track Body Changes Over Time


A scan-to-factory solution for apparel brands and retailers that includes on-premise and at-home scanning, configurators, size recommendation, and made-to-measure private label clothing.

Contact-free measuring

Contact-Free Measuring

Mobile shopping experience

Shop Made-to-Measure Clothing

Custom Clothing

Choose from Thousands of Configurations

Minimal scan and processing time

Ships in Days, Not Months

Formcut mobile app
Mobile Fit mobile app

Mobile Fit

A B2B app simplifying how researchers and businesses collect digital body measurements 

Business focused measurement application

Business Focused Measurement Application

No photos uploaded to the cloud

No Photos Uploaded to the Cloud

Simplified registration process

Simplified Registration Process

Contact-free measuring

Contact-Free Measuring

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