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Creating garments using real bodies

Scan to Create

The world has been embracing using 3D technology for its various benefits, such as sustainability, reducing costs, and saving time. Our Scan to Create solution allows you to create your designs right on your own 3D avatar. Body measurements are one thing, body shapes are another. Drape on body shapes, not just body measurements. 

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Real Body


CLO Virtual Fashion dashboard

CLO Virtual Fashion, Inc. owns all rights to interface displayed in image.

Extend your 3D avatars into programs that are built for 3D design and pattern making.
With the power of over 240 body measurements plus the ability to drape on your ideal body shape, elevate your designs and perfect your fit by using real bodies.

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Studio Software 1

Measure by Studio

Use the Size Stream Studio software to learn more about your 3D scans.
See what measurements work best for your product, create your own custom measurements, and see each point of measurement up close.

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