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Your New Weight-Loss Journey

me°-three-sixty is a weight-loss app that focuses on tracking your body measurements and fitness goals through inches vs pounds. 

Ditch the scale and track your weight a new way!

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Tracking & setting your weight-loss goals with 3 simple steps. Purchase your kit, download the app, and then start scanning! Getting your real body measurements has never been so easy. Ditch the scale and see your results in real body measurements.

Track Your Shape

With Size Stream, 3D body measurement technology is available to capture in the comfort of your home, opening new possibilities for products and services that best fit your body. Size Stream is bringing these possibilities to reality now with special offerings you can take advantage of today.

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Get Started

Start tacking your body measurements! 

Grab a Kit & Download the app

Future Me comparison

See your Future Me

Stay focused on your journey. See your aspirational goals and your Future Me with a simple glide of the thumb!

Set Your Goals

Set and track your weight-loss goals easily! 

With  me°-three-sixty you get to focus on real body data and body measurements. 

Ditch the Scale. 

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