Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Size Stream Body Scanner?

The Size Stream Body Scanner is a full-body, no contact, 3D body measurement system. It detects over 100 landmark points and takes more than 400 body measurements, including circumferences, heights, lengths, volumes and surface area.

2. How does it scan my body?

The Size Stream Body Scanner uses infrared depth sensor technology similar to the devices used with home interactive video game systems, to map the surface of the scan subject. The sensors are positioned at six angles and seven different heights around the body to get full coverage in less than six seconds. Size Stream software then converts the sensor data to a 3D image of the subject from which measurements can be obtained and displayed.

3. Do I need to take off my clothes to be scanned?

The Size Stream Body Scanner is a surface scanner. It can’t see through your clothes like an airport scanner so, yes, you must take off your outer clothing to get the most accurate scan results. You can be scanned in your undergarments if they are form-fitting or a leotard, gym clothes or even a bathing suit.

4. What are the dimensions and power requirements of the Size Stream body scanner?

The scanner measures 65 inches wide by 42 inches deep and 85 inches tall. The included dressing area adds an additional 30 inches of depth. The power service required is 15 Amp 120VAC or 10 Amp 250VAC 50/60 Hz. The complete specifications can be found in our brochure.

Download the Size Stream 3D Body Scanner Brochure (Dec 2016)

5. Is the Size Stream Body Scanner safe?

Yes! The infrared depth sensors are already used in millions of homes as part of video game systems.

6. Can I install the scanner myself ?

The Size Stream Body Scanner is designed to be assembled by the customer using printed and/or video instructions. Installation by a Size Stream technician can be quoted upon request.

7. What automatic measurements are available
with the size Stream 3D body scanner?

Size Stream Automatic Measurements & Landmarks with Standards Reference


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