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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I setup the system?
    See the Mobile Fit Booth Operational Manual (need link)

  2. How do I scan someone?
    Assuming the MS1 scanning iPad has been setup

    • Point the web browser on your portable device (an iPad is recommended and may be provided) at the url

    • At the login prompt, enter your user name and password.

    • Follow the prompts at the Sign Up User prompt to create the user profile

    • At the scanner iPad, touch the start button on the screen and show the QR code on the web browser to the camera on the iPad. It should say Welcome to that user you just created.

    • Leave the user to disrobe to appropriate scan attire and let them follow the prompts on the screen.

    • While they are scanning, you can see the progress on the web browser screen by pressing refresh.

    • When done, you can see the measurement results (and optionally the Avatar) on the web browser.

    • Depending on your use case, you can also move on to the apparel configurator or review scan results in the Data Portal or in some other external system that calls the 3DiD API

  3. Does the user need to scan naked?
    No. The user should wear form fitting underwear, yoga wear, or similar.
    The goal is for the scanner to see the user silhouette, front and back.
    The user should not wear baggy clothes such as boxers that obscure the silhouette.

  4. Once started, how do I or the user stop the scan?
    The user can stop the scan at any time by touching the screen or hitting the back icon on the screen.

  5. Who will see the scan data?

    • Some scan data (the 3D Avatar and the measurements) may be reviewed by you, the operator.

    • IF enabled to upload photos, staff at Size Stream may review pictures for quality assurance purposes.

  6. Can I delete the scan data?
    Yes, there is a delete button on the User Profile screen.

  7. How long does the scan process take?
    Typically the scan process for the user takes less than a minute. Please allow 3-4 minutes for measurement results.

  8. The iPad screen is dark, what do I do?

    • Touch the screen to make sure the iPad is not asleep.

    • If no screen appears, make sure the iPad is connected to a power supply. Allow time to recharge.

    • If the desktop screen appears, launch the app by touching the MS1 icon.

  9. Should I remove the iPad from the mount.
    This is not recommended. The iPad in the mount is constrained to provide the correct angle and field of view.

  10. How close should the user stand to the iPad?
    The iPad will guide the user to stand in an oval shown on the screen showing the view from the camera.

  11. What if I can’t find the user in search?
    If you cannot find the user, make sure you are using the right email and have typed it correctly. You must enter the complete email address or phone number (e.g. +15554443333)

  12. Why is the shop button disabled?
    <Shop Button appears only for Scan To Factory configurations>

    The user must have at least have started a scan in order to shop. Note that to complete the order, they must complete the scan.

  13. Why don’t I see the users mobile scans in the scan history?
    Currently the self-scans done by a user with a mobile app do not appear in the Attendant User Interface. But they can shop in the online store using the Connect link in the mobile app.

  14. What is a Passphrase password?
    "A passphrase is a sentence-like string of words used for authentication that is longer than a traditional password, easy to remember, and difficult to crack."

    1. Here's an article on password vs. passphrase and why it's better.

    2. Here's a webpage that can help generate random passphrases.

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