Size Stream Mobile Privacy
Policy Interpretation

In these terms and conditions, “you” refers to the member and “we”, “us” refers to Size Stream LLC. The SizeStream Mobile App is a smartphone application (“the app”) owned and operated wholly by us.

Health (HealthKit)

The SizeStream App allows users to submit certain data to Apple’s Health app, which can be found on the user’s iOS device. Before the Health app can use the data from the SizeStream app, the user must first agree to it by selecting the option when first opening the app.
The HealthKit data is only kept locally on the user’s device. For security, the HealthKit store is encrypted when the device is not unlocked.

Uses of personal information

Size Stream LLC does not obtain, collect, store or share any data including name, address, and personal details from the app, nor can we access information in the Health app.

Size Stream LLC – Privacy Policy effective as of 23rd March 2015